access materials and publications objectives

How to Access Materials and Publications Referenced as an Occupational Therapy Practitioner 

  • The purpose of this module is to support students in having strategies to economically access the formal scholarship and published materials referenced throughout this course for ongoing learning and activity participation.
  • Goals:
  • Students will know and trial effective strategies to economically access formal scholarship and published materials referenced throughout this course for ongoing learning and activity participation. 
  • Objectives:
  • Identify current strategies for field clinicians to access and engage with resources referenced and encouraged in this presentation.
  • Critically Reflect on current barriers and opportunities present for field clinicians in engaging with resources and developments in practice.
  • Complete an effective search in google scholar to access an article referenced in the course.
  • Make a plan to utilize one of the options discussed to expand access to occupational science and multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • Identify and discuss an article abstract found on google scholar from a discipline outside of occupational therapy that is relevant to your current practice setting. 
  • Module Orientation Video
  • Review of course/module goals, objectives, upcoming educational material, and learning activities. 
  • Glossary Reference Guide
  • Literature Search Terminology 
  • Links to resources cited in core content lecture 
  • References Cited 
  • Thematic Occupational Profile 
  • Not included in this module. 
  • Core Content Video Lecture 
  • Overview of key strategies OTPs can use to access referenced and materials cited in this course.
  • Include links to strategies/tutorials referenced in the lecture. 
  • Recorded Guest Interviews
  • Not included in this module. 
  • Case Examples of Application of Core Content:
  • Embedded in lecture content and as written/photo/video examples under learning material.
  • Game-Based Learning
  • Google Scholar Scavenger Hunt.  
  • Instructional Walkthroughs
  • Technology walkthroughs of google scholar search. 
  • Life/OT Practice Challenge Prompts
  • Trial one strategy featured in the core content lecture in addition to google scholar. 
  • Embedded Active Learning Critical Reflection and Discussion Prompts
  • Either one relevant reflection or discussion prompt will be featured after each piece of required educational content. 
  • Review of What Was Covered and Accomplished During Module 
  • Summary of course objectives and learning activities and promotion of next module. 
  • Supplementary Learning Materials, External Links, Additional Core Content, and Foundational References for Core-Content.
  • Links to all recommended core lecture strategies will be featured in addition to already publicly available tutorials such as AOTA’s Knowledge Translation Toolkit Training video on accessing articles through PubMed:
  • Post-Module Quiz for Certificate
  • 5 auto-scored questions based on vocabulary, core-content lecture.
  • Attestation to activity participation. 

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